London Gin Club

London Gin Club
I know traditional wisdom holds that gin is a summer drink, but trust me on this one. Even in the depths of winter, the London Gin Club is well worth a visit.

This casual bar in Soho is home to over 160 different types of gin, each served with its own corresponding garnish. The menu even has a helpful flavour spectrum at the back to help you work out what you like (be it smooth, sweet, spice, savoury, citrus, floral or dry). Given my two favourite gins (Hendricks and Geranium) both fell into the floral category, I was able to select a new label, confident I would love it (if you’re wondering, the Bloom gin was lovely!)

If a G&T doesn’t feel special enough for you, there are also a range of gin-based cocktails to choose from, as well as some rather interesting gin tasting menus. You can also get sweet or savoury menu pairings during the day, with gin matched to your chosen food.

This is a great spot to spend a few hours with friends. It’s quiet enough to converse but loud enough to have atmosphere. Give it a go – but be sure to book ahead!

The good: The team really know their gin and its parings. When one of our group ordered a gin with a specific tonic, our expert was able to tell him that the tonic he had requested would overwhelm that subtle gin, and he should take a different tonic on the side. You don’t often get this attention to detail!

The bad: Don’t plan to eat here in the evening – we arrived at 8pm and almost everything was already sold out!

The insider tip: After some extensive testing, we have to recommend the Gin Mare. Don’t be put off by the tomato and basil garnish – it’s incredible!

The facts
Address: The Star, 22 Great Chapel Street, Soho
Hours: 11am – 11pm, Tuesday – Saturday
Reservations: for tables before 8.45pm book online or call 0207 494 2488

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