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On Friday evening, we had some foodie friends flying into town so we wanted to find a late dinner, sans reservations that didn’t compromise on quality. Enter Burger and Lobster.

Burger and Lobster doesn’t have a menu because it doesn’t need one. There are only three dishes available: lobster, lobster roll or steak burger. All meals cost £20 and come served with a mixed leaf salad, chips and garlic sauce.

It seemed a no-brainer to us to go for the lobster. In fact, three of the four of us had the grilled lobster (you can also have it steamed), while I opted for the lobster roll (one of my absolute weaknesses). My dining companions put their bibs to good use, cracking their shells to get every last bite. But don’t think for a minute that I had food envy – I was enamoured with the sweet brioche bun surrounding giant chunks of lobster meat coated in creamy Japanese mayonnaise (know as “crack-naise” in our house).

lobster roll

Burger and Lobster is currently in six locations around town (with a seventh on its way). Given we were out on a Friday night and there was a good chance we would want to kick on afterwards, we went for the Soho venue. Something about the decor was vaguely American in style (one of our party kept having flashbacks to Austin, Texas), but it was comfortable without being too kitsch.

If you like lobster, you have to try this joint!


The good: Obviously, it’s the lobster! If you come here for a £20 burger, you must be crazy! (Either that, or you hate lobster and your companions wouldn’t change the venue… condolences, my friend.)

The bad: We had to wait for close to an hour and a half for a table. Given we arrived well after 9pm, I wasn’t prepared for that. Now you’ll know so you don’t make the same mistake!

The insider tip: If you’re in a group, order a bottle of Perrier Jouet champagne for £70 – it sounds like a lot, but with a single glass of wine costing £10, your wallet will end up better off (and your tastebuds will thank you for the treat!)

The facts
Address: 36-38 Dean Street, Soho
Web: http://www.burgerandlobster.com/
Hours: noon – 10.30pm Monday – Wednesday, noon – 11pm Thursday – Saturday, noon – 10pm Sunday
No reservations for groups under 6 people
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