Chick ‘n’ Sours

Chick n Sours

When I heard that there was a new restaurant in Dalston serving fried chicken and sour cocktails, I knew I had to try it out!

Chick ‘n’ Sours does exactly what the name says. The menu is basic, but it’s done well. And it’s amazing how perfectly the sour cocktails go with the fried chicken. Unexpectedly, my favourite sour to pair with the meal was the rum ‘n’ coke sour (£6 – rum, lime, coke syrup and sour) but for starters, the house sour was amazing (£6 – gin, sugar, lemon, raspberry and chilli vinegar, vermouth and sour).

Between three of us, we shared the hot disco wings (£5.50), Szechuan aubergine (£5.50), house fry chicken (£8 – with seaweed crack seasoning and pickled watermelon), the guest fry chicken (£10 – with chili jam, crispy shallots, thai basil, mint and spring onion), two buns (£10 each – Korean fried thigh, gochujang mayo, chili vinegar and crunchy slaw) and two sides of fries (£2.50). We topped it all off with a Weetabix soft serve ice cream (£3.50), which was great for helping to wash down the grease. Personally, I couldn’t move after we finished everything so I think we went a bit overboard! My favourites were the wings (I would’ve had another serve if I could fit it in!) and the guest fry. Apparently the guest fry is going to change regularly and be inspired by travel, so make sure you try out this Thai version before it disappears!

If overly hipster venues intimidate you, be warned – this restaurant is definitely at home in its East London surrounds. That said, its casual feel is perfect for a date or catch-up with friends.

The good: The disco wings were spectacular!

The bad: The service was still working out some opening kinks when we were there, but I’m sure it will improve with time.

The insider tip: Go on a weeknight when you can book – with up to an hour of waiting time, you don’t want to waste your night queuing.

The facts
Address: 390 Kingsland Road, Dalston
Hours: Mon- Sat 6pm-11pm; Sun 6pm-10pm, also Sat and Sun 12pm-4pm

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