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As I embed myself in British life, I’m growing more and more fond of tea. But it was with much excitement that I discovered my favourite tea store from back in Australia had recently expanded to my new city.

T2 has opened several locations around London, but last weekend, I checked out the King’s Road store. It’s a perfect little sanctuary to escape the hustle and bustle of the shopping street and enjoy a nice, little (free!) cup of tea.

T2 Store Kings Road

There’s a huge selection of inventive tea blends along the walls of the store, with plenty of tasters set up as well so you can discover new flavours and try before you buy.

T2 Tea

The store also stocks beautiful tea accessories, from cups and saucers to strainers and containers for tea storage.

But it’s the tea that’s the real star here. My personal favourites are Girly Grey (Earl Grey with an extra dash of orange and lemon) and Tummy Tea (peppermint, liquorice root, fennel and marigold flowers). The knowledgeable staff are also happy to help you make new discoveries based on your tastes and provide advice on how to make the most of your tea.

T2 teaware

If you’re into tea, make sure you check out T2!

The facts
Address: 96 King’s Road, Chelsea
Web: www.t2tea.com

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  • Latoya

    Hey! Give a girl a heads up#.2830;&after the hole I put under my arm I seriously must find this stuff.Funny thing is that I just posted a comment on Josh Cox’s blog post about race tips that someone needed to create a spray version of body glide (should of checked the web before saying such silliness).Must go check it out!