The Culpeper

In my opinion, a good pub has to offer a good Sunday roast. Fortunately, The Culpeper knows what it’s doing.

Culpeper Pub

With its large windows and vintage touches, the Culpeper has the right blend of atmosphere and airiness. There’s not the cramped, stuffy feeling you get in a lot of pubs, and it makes for a far more enjoyable eating experience. I was also impressed by the mix of clientele – it wasn’t all old-timers or hipsters, but a varied crowd all looking for a good time and good meat.

As there were five of us, we opted for the 1kg prime rib of roast beef with horseradish cream and bearnaise sauce (£75 for 3-4 people) plus two individual servings of roast pork with apple sauce (£16). Both roasts came with sides of Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese and their respective gravies. The servings were generous and I think we could have easily fed six people with the amount of food we ordered. For me, the beef was the star of the show, perfectly pink in the middle but crunchy on the outside. There was also nearly a brawl over who would get the last perfectly crispy potato!

Culpeper Roasts

General consensus was that it was one (or two, as the case may be) of the best roasts we’d enjoyed in London. Our only gripe was that there wasn’t quite as much crackling as we would’ve liked.

The wine list had a great selection of natural choices from small wineries around the world, and there were also a good range of local and continental beers to choose from (we went for a mix of the Pressure Drop Pale Fire and the Electric IPA). I also tried the house basil and peach bellini (£8), seasoned with herbs grown on the roof.

Culpeper Yorkies

The more formal Culpeper Kitchen has just opened upstairs and the rooftop garden will be open over the summer – and if they’re as good as the ground floor pub, I can’t wait to try them out!

The good: That beef in that atmosphere! Grab a group and settle in for a lazy Sunday session.

The bad: If you haven’t booked a table, you’ll find it hard to get in. We arrived early but once the clock struck 2pm, the place was packed!

The insider tip: Get a group of 6 or more together and share your roasts – then you get the best of everything!

The facts
Address: 40 Commercial Street, Spitalfields
Hours: Mon to Thurs 11am – 12am, Fri and Sat 11am-2am, Sun 11am-11pm
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