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We are huge fans of Bone Daddies so when we heard the team had launched a new tapas-style pop-up, we were (almost) first in line to try it out.

Shackfuyu will offer a regularly changing menu of Japanese fusion small plates and cocktails for one year. In usual Bone Daddies-style, the atmosphere is a little grungy, complete with 80s-early 90s rock music.

When we arrived on a rainy Saturday night, the place was pretty quiet so we grabbed a booth and set about tasting as much of the menu as we could manage (for the record, we were very hungry and got through eight dishes between the two of us).

Shackfuyu aubergine and wings

The current menu is an inventive blend of Asian and American comfort foods, with everything from Korean fried wings (£5.90) and mentaiko mac and cheese (£5.40) through to prawn toast masquerading as okonomiyaki (£5.20). There are also quite a few vegetable options available to help you get your five a day – we sampled the fried potatoes in Japanese curry sauce (£4.30), the cauliflower in orange miso ponzu (£4.60) and the aubergine with miso and bubu arare (£5.80). I don’t think there was a single dish that disappointed. Even the otherwise boring endive and pear salad was made special with a spiced miso dressing (£4.30).

Shackfuyu is still relatively quiet and unknown, but give it a few weeks and I predict there will be a queue out the door! For the moment, it’s the perfect spot for a casual date night or evening with friends.

Shackfuyu Beef Picanha

The good: Everything we tried was delicious, but the Korean fried wings (ask for the house mayonnaise), the aubergine, and the beef picanha with kimchee tare butter (above) were simply sublime.

The bad: The atmosphere was a little lacking for a Saturday night, but I think that will improve with time.

The insider tip: The team are more than happy to let you order a few dishes at a time so order 2-4 at a time – that way, you can enjoy everything while it’s still warm and delicious!

The facts
Address: 14a Old Compton Street, Soho
Hours: Mon 12-3pm & 5.30-10pm, Tues to Fri 12-3pm & 5.30-11pm, Sat 12pm-11pm, Sun & Bank Holidays 12pm-9pm
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